The Only Advice You Will Need to Create Explainer Videos That Convert Customers

Are you looking for a way to boost your brand or product? A great way to do that is to use explainer videos. These short videos are a great way in which you can demonstrate to your customers how they can use a product or service that you offer or to present your brand in general to them. And while these videos aren’t all that complicated to make, there are definitely some tips that are very useful and that can help you create a video that is effective and that will be beneficial and appeal to the customers that you are targeting and in this article we will discuss a few of those tips. Check our SquareShip’s best explainer videos for some inspiration.

1. Keep the video short

If your video is longer than 90 seconds, then it isn’t an explainer video anymore. The whole point of these videos is that they need to show people how to use a certain product or give them an overview of the business which means that there really is no need for any kind of complicated backstory or any long and time-consuming explanations. You need to only focus on the most essential elements because this will ensure that you will include everything that is important in that 60 to 90 second time frame that the video should have.

2. Figure out what makes your product stand out and focus on that

Something that is an important element of any good explainer videos is that they target specific problems that the customers have, however that may not be enough. Any one problem can have a multitude of solutions which is why you need to make sure you explain to the customers what is the thing that makes your product stand out from the competitor’s and what makes it better than any other solution that they may have encountered before. This is a great way to not only get the people watching the video interested in the product, but also to set yourself apart from any competition that you may have.

3. Put the spotlight on the benefits

A lot of people make the mistake of overwhelming the customers with information about the product such as its performance, make etc. instead of focusing on what the customers are really interested in, and that is the benefits that the product will bring them. This is the main thing that people respond to which is why it is important that you keep talking about the benefits of the product and how it will help change their lives throughout the whole of the video. People want to know what a product can do for them and how it can make their day to day life easier so make sure to word things in a way that will highlight that to the people that are watching the video.

4. Make it authentic to the brand

Even though there are certain tips and guide lines that can help you make the explainer video better, you should definitely design it in a way that will be authentic to your brand and the product that you are promoting. The style of the video should reflect the vibe that you want to associate with your brand and if you already have a faithful customer base it is also a great idea to design it in a way that is recognizable for your brand so that the customers will know it’s your product without even seeing the name.

Marketing is everything when it comes to selling any type of product or service and explainer videos are a great tool that you can use because, when done right, they can really give you the upper hand over your competition. Use these tips in order to help make the video even more effective but always remember to also make it as authentic to your brand as possible so that the customers will always know it’s your videos they are watching.

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