How Whiteboard Animation Videos Came into Being?

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Whiteboard animation videos are one of the most highly sought-after explainer videos. These explainer videos are videos that present complex pieces of information in a simple manner. These videos are usually around one-minute long and consist of condensed pieces of information strung together into a coherent whole.

Whiteboard animation videos make it seem like there are scene-by-scene drawings on a whiteboard in accordance with the voice over thus, making it seem somewhat like a very creative classroom forcing people to pay attention and enjoy the experience at the same time. These videos tend to be very engulfing because the video develops in front of the audience, captivating them from start to end.

These animated videos are usually used by educational institutions to make learning an easier and much more fun process, by businesses to promote new products and clearly communicate to prospective customers what their company or product is about, and are used as chapter summaries for educational books

The reason why such animated videos are extremely popular is that they are highly engaging and extremely effective in getting the desired message along to viewers and thus, in turn, helping companies all over the world expand their businesses and customer equity.

These videos have recently emerged as a breakthrough marketing strategy, they were first introduced around 5 years ago. Nowadays whiteboard animation explainer videos are completely digitized, however, they were not always so technology dependent.

Previously whiteboard animation explainer videos required an artist or an illustrator to actually draw characters and scenes onto a whiteboard and recorded as a time-lapse, after which the production agency added a voice over amongst other auditory and visual effects to create such a compelling video. Back then, a software was not used to digitally illustrate the drawings and make them seem like they had been done on a whiteboard which means that such explainer videos are more versatile now as compared to recent years.

One of the earliest noted uses of such whiteboard animated explainer videos was when they were made for UPS commercials. After their moment in the spotlight, animated explainer videos have been on a steady rise. There are one of the most expensive types of explainer videos in terms of production costs, their high prices accounting for their high quality and effectiveness as of delivering the desired message to prospective consumers or the general audience.

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